The hotel wins its attraction from the exclusive and unbelievable natural location. The Hotel Fenyves Panorama Pecs was built on a protruding, between Mecsekkapu and Tettye, which extends over directly Pécs 2000 year old historic city center. The  city sights of Pécs are almost touchable from the hotel’s rooms and terraces:  turkish Gázi Kászim pasa mosque, Saint Peter – Saint Paul cathedral. In case of clear, good weather you can even see the croatian mountains along the Dráva. There are a plenty of walking paths to the well known sights of the Mecsek hill from the Hotel Fenyves Panoráma, like French revolution statue, Tv tower, Tubes lookout, Dömör gate, Jakab hill ancient village, celtic earthwork,avar rings, tumuli. A bit more far away is the Abaliget cave and Orfű sea located. You can find the  famous Sári restplace in our hotels inner forrest garden, which was built by Hamerli József for his wife. The Sári restplace is a well – known relaxation and meditation place with holistic meaning.